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My class, Cakes in Vivid Color on Craftsy teaches you FOUR full designs plus 6 sought after and versatile techniques that can be applied to any type or style of cake.


You will learn about colour play and how to come up with bold yet complimentary colour schemes.  I will show you some of my most used colour mixes and how I achieve limitless colours with just a few simple base colours.  I also discuss the top places where I get inspiration for designs and colour ideas.


We will explore my most used and popular techniques such as geometric tiling using simple cutters, quilling, mold play, creative use of onlays and my signature two-toned petals - all of which can be mixed and matched and applied in so many ways.


When you enroll, you also gain access to other tips and hints that I share, as well as the classroom forum where you can ask me questions and receive personal help and advice.  AND there is a BONUS pdf tutorial for my Stylized Gumpaste Lotus in the downloadable Materials section.


 To purchase the class to own forever, click here.

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